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"Theatre changes lives and we are the vehicles. We are resposible for every single person in the audience."  .  - PATRICK RYAN SULLIVAN

Julian Marsh - 42nd Street on on Broadway

From "The Swamp" to Broadway

The unconventional story of the path of a Broadway actor,  whose future seemed shrouded with football pads and pigskins.  While a free-safety at the University of Louisana for the Ragin Cajuns, Patrick studied Music Education and was presented an opportunity divergent of the path that he thought he was on.  Instead of pursuing the life of a professional athlete, this talented Renaissance man chose the path less traveled and joined his first international tour, taking him to Japan, Spain and 18 states in the U.S. states.  This was the first step that led him on his 25+ year professional acting career.

Career Highlights

Three Broadway shows: Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. Julian Marsh in 42nd Street, and several roles in Titanic. I played Preston Quick in Get Got at the Edinburgh Festival and Billy Flynn in Chicago at the Internaitional Macao China Music Festival. I played the coniving DB Norton in the World Premier of Meet John Doe in the Historic Fords Theatre in DC and Chuck in the World Premier Gumbo Ya Ya at the 1992 Olympic Arts Festival in Barcelona.

"This excellent musical is performed with style by a very talented cast especially Patrick Ryan Sullivan in his role as the show host..."    - BROADWAY BABY

Preston Quick - GET GOT - The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Talent isn't enough.


Since my first singing role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at Angell Hall - University of Louisiana;  I have performed in over 250 different productions.  Ranging from new works to Broadway shows. Performed in 45 states and 9 countries 


I believe my talent is natural and God-given.  However, I owe the longevity of my career to the skills taught to me by my mentors. All forms of ART rely on the mentor-apprentice relationship and I am here to pass down the golden nuggets that were imparted to me by some of the legends of musical theatre!  The great Micheal Caine was quoted saying, "I am a skilled, professional actor. Whether or not I have any talent is beside the point."


I will teach you the skills to complement your talent.  Starting with headshots and resumes; then onto your prepared audition; leading into the cold read; booking the job; and ending with producing a stellar performance!

"a precise and straight-faced performance, with a take-no-prisoners demeanor."    - DC A Curian Up

Harrison Howell - Kiss Me Kate - The Shakespeare Theater Company


Audition Technique
Audition Essentials
Character Development
Script Breakdown

In this unique class, we will examine the technical skills needed for presenting one's acting abilities in an audition situation.   We will begin developing your mental skill  as well.


Often,  actors speak of the stress and nerves associated with the audition. 


In this class, Mr Sullivan will teach the skills to empower the actor before entering the interview, so one can do their best work in the room.  





In-depth consultation and instruction, essential for all actors.


What is an effective theatre resume? Do I need a different Film/T.V. resume? What headshot should I use? What are the rules of the room? Knowledge is power and adds to a stronger presence and a stronger audition.


  • TV and Film Auditions

  • Theatre | Equity | URTA

  • Commercial Rooms

  • Cold Reading Skills

When watching the great actors, how often do you say or hear "what an amazing choice"? Where do these incredible choices come from? This is the skill of analysing the script.


Patrick has an astonishing approach to script analysis that he learned from working with some of the business' best.


There is a real joy of acting and freedom in every medium when these simple steps are used to define character and then play within the characters confines!


Apply it to all forms of acting, Stage-Film-TV-Voice, and acting methods.  It is a skill that you will grow to love and will have  immediate results in depth of the characters you play.



We offer a full compliment of group and private lessons.  Contact us for more information.

"Sullivan, who flawlessly portrays Sennex, is a force to be reckoned with. He delivers a dynamite monologue-driven performance."    - NAPLES DAILY NEWS

Mack - Mack and Mabel - TheaterZone


Vocal Coaching

FOR FIRST-TIME STUDENTS AT PRS STUDIOS, we offer an introductionary Voice Lesson with Mr. Sullivan.  Intro Lessons are not different from regular lessons in terms of the amount of vocal technique work that is accomplished.


Students can expect to see tangible improvement to their vocal technique and vocal understanding in their first lesson.

Vocal Coaching

ASIDE FROM VOCAL TECHNIQUE TRAINING, we offer Vocal Coaching for singers looking to prepare for auditions, for performances, or for the recording studio.


Mr Sullivan is an accomplished pianist,  and is able to accompany sessions on the piano.


Vocal Coaching sessions focus on how to technically sing with the style, the nuance, the movement needed for a for a given piece. Then, add the depth of meaning to the story.


Patrick's large repertoire of music ranges from Broadway musicals, new-works, and standards.  


Finding the proper song for a given situation can be challenging. However, Patrick can help customize your individual music book.


Patrick will teach you to pull off what is on the printed page and make it a living- moving performance.


The style of a show or a piece of music can be a hurdle that we as  actors have to jump very carefully. 


The last thing we want to do is pull our audience from a performance.


Singing Hank Williams like Placido Domingo or Les Mis like Willie Nelson, unless fully intending to, will take your audience from our message.


Patrick has honed this skill from his decades of working in the business and can help a singer achieve the desired style in a safe a consistant manner.


In your sessions, we will tailor-make our work to suit your needs


  • Broadway

  • Broadway Pop

  • Legit

  • Belt

  • Country Belt

  • Backroom Karaoke

We offer a full compliment of group and private lessons.  Contact us for more information.

"Patrick Ryan Sullivan is effective, and brazenly charming."    - BOSTON NEWS

Host - Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Corporate Coaching

Many corporations feel their employees would benefit from speech coaching. We can help improve confidence, clarity, presentation skills, and more. We have a number of services specifically tailored to businesses in order to accommodate their needs. These options deal with 3 major areas:


  • Enhancement of the quality of the speaking voice

  • Public speaking

  • Executive presentation preparation

  • Accent reduction/modification


Though these are the three major areas we receive the most inquires about, we are more than happy to discuss alternative options with you.


We know that every business is unique, and we tailor-make each workshop or seminar to your business’s specific needs and goals.

Public Speaking

How does Private-Instruction differ from Executive-Courses?


Sometimes people in the business world need one-on-one attention to feel confident in their presentations and speeches. We blend principles from the theatre, concepts of healthy vocal productions, as well as the fundamentals of public speaking to specifically find your corporate voice.


Bringing Yourself To the Business World:


A lot of success in the world of business is related to one’s ability to express oneself. In our work together, one of our primary focuses will be to make sure that you master how to bring a great deal of your own personality into your corporate presence.

Speech Coaching

Speech Coaching is training that involves improving the tone, resonance, expressiveness, volume, and clarity of one’s voice. In your sessions, we will tailor-make our work to suit your needs.


  • Change the tone of the voice

  • Public speaking

  • Interview skills

  • Accent reduction

  • Projection of the voice

  • Prepare for a speech

  • Executive persona

  • Comfort speaking in social situations

  • Media Appearances

  • Reducing physical anxiety

  • Voiceover work

  • Dating

  • Dialect Coaching

  • Classical / Shakespearean acting

  • Stand-up comedy

  • Storytelling

  • Impressions


Our forte is adapting our approach to meet the needs and goals of each individual. If there are any services we have not listed or explored on this site, please feel free to inquire with us.

Mr. Sullivan has been the Master of Ceremonies for many events and is extremely experienced in crafting a benefit performance to suit any non-profit. Please contact us for more information.

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