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"Patrick Ryan Sullivan is effective, and brazenly charming."    - BOSTON NEWS

Lindsay and Beauregard - Mame - Ogunquit Playhouse

Patrick was born in Titusville, Florida, but was raised on a little island in the South Pacific that was three miles long and a half a mile wide called Kwajalein.  Kwaj was so remote and the world had yet discovered the internet.  As a result, he was raised without a radio or television and was forced to invent his own entertainment!


As a six-year-old dressed in his father's blue terry cloth bathrobe, Patrick played Melchior in Kwajalein's non-denomination "Little Church by the Sea's" Nativity Story.


This was the beginning of a professional acting career that has spanned the globe and several decades.


Stats: 6’2” Green Eyes, Brown Hair
Education: MusicEd. University of Louisiana Lafayette
Location: Orlando, Baton Rogue, New York

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