Patrick was born inTitusville, Florida, but was raised on a little island in the South Pacific that was three miles long and an half a mile wide called Kwajalein.  Kwaj was so remote and the world had yet discovered the "inter-web".  As a result, he was raised without a radio or television and was forced to invent his own entertainent!


As a six year old dressed in his father's blue tarry cloth bath robe, Patrick played Melchior in The Kwajalein non-denomination "Little Church by the Sea's" Nativity Story.


This was the beginning of a career that has spanned the globe and several decades as a professional actor.



Stats: 6’2”
Degree: BA Music Education University of Louisiana
Location: Orlando, Baton Rogue, New York



Julian Marsh in 42nd Street, Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, Barrett, Farrel, and Bride in Titanic.  



Mack in Mack and Mabel, Hades in Villian'sTonight, Beau/Mrs. Upson in Mame, Father in Full, Harrison Howell in Kiss Me Kate


Flynn in DOUBT, Jean in A CHRISTMAS STORY,  I DO,I DO (DIRECTOR), THE IRISH CURSE (DIrector), Javert in Les Mis, Jim Bowie in BURNT PART BOYS, Mikado in MIKADO, Norman in AMERICAN MONKEY (World Premier)


Serge in ART (DIrector), Petey in TUNA CHRISTMAS (Director), Victor in EMPTY PLATE AT CAFE DE GRAND BEOUF, Julian in 42ND STREET(PCLO), Oberon in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM(Orlando Shakes), Preston Quick in GET GOT (Edinburgh Festival)


 Billy in CHICAGO (Macoa Internaional Music Festival), Chuck in LABOR OF LOVE (Tokyo, Osaka, Barcelona). Henry in THE FANTASTICKS (Lugano. Switzerland) GET GOT (Edinburgh Festival) BROADWAY, BASEBALL, AND BEER (Stratford, Can.)


Sweeney in SWEENEY TODD, Lockstock in URINETOWN, Harold in MUSIC MAN, Rutledge in 1776, Sky in GUYS AND DOLLS, Billy in CAROUSEL, Michael in I DO I DO, Henry Higgins in PYGMELION, Tito in Lend Me A Tenor, Beau in Auntie

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